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  EV Charger Supply and Installation

From residential AC Wallboxes to commercial DC charging stations, we have a solution to satisfy your green energy needs. Home I Office I Business I Shopping Malls I Cafes Street

Our Process


An audit is imperative to ascertain the electrical capacity of your current set up and is the very first step in the process of determining what charging stations can be incorporated into your home or business premises. 


Following on from the audit, we discuss your charging requirements taking into consideration any restraints imposed upon by the audit outcome. If necessary, a load management system can be utilised to overcome any capacity shortfall 

Our range of quality EV charging stations start from residential wall boxes to commercial DC chargers and can accommodate your exact requirements and budget.  

Also part of the design process, we determine the best location of your charging station(s) We will install to all the relevant standards & also take into consideration any ascetic properties you consider pertinent. 

Our Products

eHome Wallbox


Designed to be installed (both indoor and outdoor) at private houses, communal blocks, companies and other places where user authentication is not a requirement.


eNext range has been designed to be installed (both indoor and outdoor) at private houses, communal blocks, workplaces and car parks and conceived to simplify the charging process. With Presence Recognition, a feature that allows the user to start charging without any interaction with the device. As soon as the approved user is detected by Bluetooth and the cable is connected to the car, the charging process starts. 


Post eVolve Smart

Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, parking lots, airports, petrol stations …) and private ones (companies, community car park sites…) where their intelligent capabilities offer a range of possibilities which improve the user and/or operator experience. 

 New product line coming soon